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It’s 70 years since Robert Allen Zimmerman started to watch the world. 50 since Bob Dylan visited Woody Guthrie in New York and the musician, the poet, the artist, all in one, was born. Soon, Guthrie’s impact on the new Robert Allen, connected him to a new reality and a new way of casting what his eyes were watching.

This is Woody Guthrie, this is what the young Robert had discovered:

So this is the other Bob Dylan’s birthday celebrated this year, probably as important as the official celebration of 70 years living.

Anyway, happy birthday, we want more Dylan. By the end of june, Dylan is coming back to Spain (Barcelona, 24th, Vitoria, 26th), again and again, a rover around the world.

His new release are The Whitmark Demos, a film about his arrival in New York. You can see here the trailer:

As a homage to Bob Dylan I let you my favorite poem: A hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

In the next document you can see the comment I made for my poetry group Gallos Quiebran Albores and my personal translation:

a hard rain’s a gonna fall


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  1. Pedro J. dijo:

    Hey, Mr. Carmona. Thanks so much to give me the oportunity of listening to Bob Dylan again remembering Woody Guthrie. There are interesting videos about their music and their lifes.
    Happy birthday and thank you, Bob!


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